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Jeudi 26 juin 4 26 /06 /Juin 19:23
Hiking on Liatårnet in March with Andreas. Mountain on Sotra, east of Bergen, 341m asl :



Exploring Telavåg and Fjell Festning on Sotra with Andreas, Thierry and Diane. More info about Telavåg and Fjell Festning here, in May :





Fjell Festning



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Jeudi 26 juin 4 26 /06 /Juin 18:28
Since the beginning of january, the Bybanen is being builded in the whole Bergensdalen. The Sentrum lokks like post-bombed, explosives and drill-digging can be heard everywhere. Here some pictures from my window. The place is now almost flat, but my camera being fucked, I cannot take and post pictures. The stop being builded here will, of course, be name Fantoft. The ride to town will be at the average speed of 28 km/h, 21km/h with the bus. Opening in 2010. Now the worst of the building is done, but for 3 months we had to wake up at 5 with the workers and feel several explosions a day.
After this summer, the station will be built and the tracks will be laid down later. Fun, deviations and shitty road building as well. Holy shit.

more info here:


About the Fantoft section: http://www.bybanen.no/index.cfm?id=170884



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Jeudi 26 juin 4 26 /06 /Juin 18:26
Well, lazyness, busyness and many other things made me abandon this blog for months, so an huuuuge update is coming now. Hell yeah. Shalom.
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Samedi 22 mars 6 22 /03 /Mars 15:31
On March 5th, Bergen was victim of something familiar to other parts of Norway: a Snøkaos. Massive snowfall, prowlers overbusy, buses stuck in snow of sliding across the streets, people SNOWBOARDING (!!!) in the streets of Sentrum Bergen!!
View from my window: They had to give up putting this container on the truck...

Snøkaos Three days later, all was gone...
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Samedi 22 mars 6 22 /03 /Mars 15:19
Okay, my sister visiting me, I had to show her other things than Bergen! We left Bergen with 2 Belgian friends under heavy weather to the Sogn. Mountain roads (Rv 13) being closed, we took the E39, crossed the Sognefjord, and drove along the north shore of it until Balestrand. We stopped a bit there and then joined the place whe we rented a cabin: Sværen, by the Sværenfjorden, arm of the Fjærlandsfjorden, arm of the Sognefjorden. We had a nice walk in deep snow in the Sværendal, and then went back home to eat! The day after we [tried to] fish and went to the grocery with a boat, way shorter than by road (and less dangerous!). The afternoon we went to Dale, a farm on the other side of the fjord, just 5km to drive. And the massive snowfall started. And the massive snowfight started. The day after as quite hard, many driving on heavy and deep snow, no visibility on all the part Hella / Kaupanger. Shit. Then it was a wonderful weather and we went to Borgund where I'had been back in 2002. CLEAR blue sky, mass snow carpet, perfect to see the stavchurch ! Then, back to Bergen, with a stop at Aurland (Aurlandsvegen) and at Gudvangen. It was a good trip, for around 60€/person, all inclusive.

Vangsnes  Sværafjorden

Hatlanes, Grønlund  Grønlund

Borgund Stavkirke  Borgund Stavkirke

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Samedi 22 mars 6 22 /03 /Mars 15:14
My sister visited me from the end of February to early March. Among [many things], we went to the Aquarium of Bergen, and had some fun. The best thing was of course the pinguins!

Pinguins  Dragon Lizard

We also did the Bergen Museum with its creepy fake/true/dead animals! Hurray !

Bergen Museum  Bergen Museum
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Samedi 22 mars 6 22 /03 /Mars 14:53
I motivated myself and some friends to go around often by car and visit some deserted places, even in the middle of Bergen Kommune. First tour was the islands of Bjorøy and Tyssøy, located in the Korsnesfjorden, between Sotra and the continent. They are linked to Bergen by a 2km tunnel. The weather was shit and Odin soaked us, but we had fun. We stopped at Loddefjord to buy candies on the way back! Round trip: around 35km.

 Naust  Litleholmen

Then I went with other friends and my sister (who was visiting me) to Litle Sotra, a little island linking Sotra to the continent via bridges and which is a BIG traffic crossroad. Nice nausts, changing weather, nice walk in semi-urban area.

 Liatårnet  Naust

Recently, we did something I wanted to do for a while: Korsnes, a peninsula stuck between Fanafjellet and Korsnesfjorden. Most of the island is cliffy and woody, and military area so forbidden access (old/new German/Norwegian Naval position). Nonetheless, the summit can be reached legally, safely and quickly. Exciting view on Sotra and on some parts of the peninsula looking like... French Garrigue !!!

 French Garrigue?  Islands

Oh, and of course, I came two times to Lysekloster recently, one after massive snowfall. Driving the snowy Fanafjell
 road was kinda fun !!

Lysekloster  Lysekloster
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Samedi 22 mars 6 22 /03 /Mars 14:39
Mid-January Slavia was playing at Hinsides and even if the set list was the same as the one played at Hole In The Sky, the gig was powerful and great, and only 10€ (80kr). PLO shirt and Hamas masks-style, was fun. Too much light maybe, could have been more evil. But anyway, very "straight-in-da-face" concert. Horns up.

Late February occured the Dark Essence / Karisma Festival in Garage, held by the eponym local labels. I only attended the last day because I was not in Bergen the days before, and anyway, I was not very interested in the bands. So the 1st of March in Garage played the following bands: Obscure, Panchrysia, Dimension F3H and Taake. Obscure is a punchy-stoner metal, a good surprise. Rarely seen junkies holding so well guitars, hehe. Panchrysia is a BM combo from Anvers, I saw them back in 2004 and it was well... almost shit. They have evolved and their gig was GREAT. Very good singer. Dimension F3H is an obscure Thrash Metal band injecting samples and a beat half way between Prodigy and HellEktro band such as Hocico. Quite deconcerting, didn't appreciate so much. Taake was, as always, great. A bit short :-(.

 Panchrysia  Taake
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Samedi 22 mars 6 22 /03 /Mars 14:34
After having made some times Løvstakken in icy and windy conditions, we, with some friends, did the Vidden hike, a 5 hours walk over Byfjellene, from Fløyen to Ulriken, via Rundemanen.

IMG_4812  IMG_4805

One month later, February 10th, we had a nice night so we headed up on Fløyen to take pictures. It was snow-free but cold as hell. Here some shots:

Nygårdstangen  Sentrum

Sentrum, Stransiden, Nøstet  Bergenhus Festning & Mariakirken

Early March came the first blossoms... and Fløyen looked wonderful...
  Full Blomst !
Nonetheless, March was kinda funny. Some good days, some SNOWY days, and even a "snøkaos" (see article). Today there is snow and it's COLD.
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Samedi 22 mars 6 22 /03 /Mars 14:23
Once again, I've deserted my blog for a while, and I know I will regret it later, because I promised to keep it updated about what I do here, what I don't do. I was also supposed to write articles about Bergen and so on, and things not only focusing about my activities. I don't neither. No time, no motivation, etc.
So here in the following articles is a rapid overview of what I did since January...  :-)

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I guess it rains...



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